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The different dance styles

You will enter a world of tradition, elegance and above all, you will have an excellent time. Ballroom dancing is a general term that refers to several traditional dance styles that include elements such as tango, chacha, rumba, waltz and foxtrot, to name just one. Discover : . These dances come from all over the world and come from different phases, but are dances of solemn couples with sophisticated and fluid features. The good news is that it's a fun job waiting for you and that learning ballroom dancing can be easier than you think.

Salsa: how to improve?

Salsa is for two people! For this reason, there is inevitably an individual contact between the two dancers. In salsa, you sweat! Yes, but it's a very heavy sweat! The pleasure of this dance allows you to let off steam! If you wish, this dance can also be practiced as a sport. If you want to progress in this discipline to share good moments, it's a fantastic idea! Salsa offers dance steps that are easy to reproduce and can be performed with your partner without any problems thanks to the coordination! With training, acrobatic dance steps can be designed to improve the level of difficulty. Salsa is also! With the friendly setting it needs to make, it is a perfect match for dinner! We dance in humor it's great and joy! You must also understand that supper is a dance that comes from clichés! If you like dancing, discover various private events lap dance Monaco .

The age to start dancing

Age is not a factor when you decide to start, whether or not you have done so. The most important thing is to choose a course adapted to your level, beginner, intermediate, intermediate, intermediate, advanced, etc. Starting in kindergarten, children can attend workshops that will also allow them to develop their relationship with their own bodies. and music and to situate themselves at a distance from others. Technical dance classes start from the age of 5, but this depends of course on the child's maturity.

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